Inference 26/09/2016




a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.
"researchers are entrusted with drawing inferences from the data"
synonyms: deduction, conclusion, reasoning, conjecture, speculation, surmise, thesis, theorizin-g, hypothesizing, presumption, assumption, supposition, reckoning, extrapolation, reading between the lines; 
the process of inferring something.
"his emphasis on order and health, and by inference cleanliness"

Google's definition of inference.

This is something that we take for granted daily, something that we always do even without noticing. Same with games, for example something so simple of seeing a waterfall and thinking there must be something behind it.

Something as a player we always do, always turning back to go to see if there was anything hidden in the other corridor "Maybe I should turn back, maybe there was a better weapon, more health?". Games always infer that things are hidden or it might just be me as a paranoid gamer thinking I should always look around for things that might help me later on in the game.

Inferring something does not mean its correct, that could be a gameplay feature, like a racing game could have a fast looking car but be one of the slowest cars but because it looks fast and aggressively styled the player would assume it.


Some small gamedev things I want to look at in the future 

based around fog of war would be good hidden areas because of the fog of war like holes in the ground

Escaping somewhere escaping the guards, creeping around dodging flashlights

waking up in a chair as someone leaves the room and escape

the door closes and there are no instructions on how to get out, maybe move the camera around to shake, or press random buttons, the chair falls over and breaks, find a key in the room 

rope mechanics of climbing

mirrors edge style



 WASD movement for a character top down

WASD movement for a character top down

Example of a Fog of War-solution for Unreal Engine 4. Tutorial available at



The Suspicious Tea Towel

You wake up on your kitchen floor with a tea towel placed in the middle of the room, you lift the tea towel off the floor to uncover a pair of eyes. Explore the rest of the house to uncover more body parts and discover who or what is doing this. 
Horror/Mystery Game, PC, 1st Person, VR

Hotel For Ghosts

You play as a undead hotel owner and you try to entice people to come stay in your abandoned hotel. Your main aim is to kill off the people that come and stay and turn them into ghosts, collect resources to make your hotel more appealing or spend your resources to make your rooms more deadly.
Android and iPhone

Highway cutting spent

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